Types of sports betting

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Single bet (Single)

This is the simplest and most understandable type of bets. Every beginner, making his first bet at a bookmaker’s office, with a 95% probability will make this very bet.

This bet provides for the player to choose a certain outcome. If the answer is correct, the odds are multiplied by the bet amount, and the resulting number in monetary terms is credited to the bettor’s account.

Here is an example of a classic 1×2 “three-move”:

  • W1 – Team 1 wins – odds 1.20
  • W2 – Team 2 wins – odds 15.0
  • X – Draw – odds – 6.70

Thus, having made a bet of 100 rubles, if the bet is successful, we will receive the following win:

  • a bet on W1 will bring us 1.20 * 100r = 120r
  • a bet on w2 will bring us 15.0 * 100r = 1500r
  • a bet on X will bring us 6.70 * 100r = 670r

In general, both handicap and total could be called single bets, but for greater clarity, we will analyze them separately.

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Double Chance Betting

This type of bet will allow you to choose two options for the outcome of a sporting event at once. That is, if in the single bet you could choose either Team 1 to win, or a draw, or Team 2 to win, then in Double Chance you can afford to choose two options. Moreover, having guessed at least one of them, you become a winner.

It turns out that we can bet on the following outcomes:

  • Team 1 win or draw – odds 1.02 (odds so small because, in truth, this is a Real Madrid vs Schalke 04 match)
  • victory Teams 1 or winning teams 2 – coefficient 1.11
  • Team 2 win or draw – odds 4.70

Why are the odds less than in single? Because it is easier to name the correct answer, because you can choose two options.

It is good to use “Double Chance” bets when you are 100% sure that the team will not lose, but in extreme cases, it can play a draw.

Handicap (Handicap)

Another type of bets that are popular in certain circles of bettors. The very essence of “Handicap” is to equalize the chances of winning between opponents. Why is this done? Firstly, in order to somehow diversify the rates. And secondly, in order to equalize as much as possible the cash flows received in the form of bets on a particular sporting event. How can you equalize your opponents’ chances of winning? There is an absolute leader and a complete outsider. They need to fight for the title of the winner. No one doubts that the favorite will win, everyone is wondering with what score. Bettors sort out the types of bookmaker bets, not knowing what to give preference to. And here “Handicap” comes to the rescue.

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