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Dogon Strategy (Martingale)

The essence of the Martingale or catch-up strategy is to double the bet amount after each loss, in order to win the first bet amount.

Let’s say you bet 100 rubles on the victory of the first team, but the bet is lost. You choose the next match and bet 200 rubles. In the event that you fail again, the amount of the bet on the third match will be 400 rubles. And so on until you win.

To get a net profit, you need to bet on events with a coefficient of 2.00 or higher. Usually, the player calculates in advance how many bets he can lose painlessly for his bank. Based on this, it determines the initial bet amount. Usually no more than 1-2% of the bank.

The player does not always have enough steps calculated in advance, so there is a risk of losing the bank. It is important to know that bookmakers often limit the size of the maximum bet, so the player may not accept a bet on the required amount of money according to the catch-up strategy.

Alternative catch-up strategy

Change the catch up if you want to bet on odds over or under 2.00. To do this, you must learn how to determine the amount of each next bet, taking into account the odds, loss and target profit.

To do this, use the formula: (Current loss + Target profit) / (Coefficient – 1) .

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For example, you have already bet 100 rubles and lost. Your target profit is the amount of the first bet. You want to place your next catch-up bet at odds of 3.00. We consider: (100 + 100) / (3 – 1) = 200/2 = 100 rubles. If you bet 100 rubles on 3.00 and win, you will compensate for the lost 100 and get another one in net profit.

Basketball quarter betting strategy

Dogon is actively used as an element of other strategies. For example, in basketball quarter betting. The strategy is based on the hypothesis that a team rarely loses all quarters in a single match.

Players bet on the outsider to win in the quarter. If the odds are too low or high, you can take a head start. If you lose, the amount of the bet for the next quarter is doubled. And so on until the bet wins. If the last quarter of the match does not bring profit, you should continue to catch up with the winning quarter in a new match.

Experienced players are advised to bet on teams that do not have a long streak of losses in quarters, and to choose matches without too obvious an edge in favor of the favorite. As with any catch-up strategy, quarter betting in basketball is dangerous in that a series of failures can drag on and force you to bet too much to win back losses.

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